Hugo Chavez Wants Peace For Gaddafi

Hugo Chavez, junior class petty tyrant, wants to help Muammar Gaddafi, senior class petty brutal dictator to remain in power. He has offered to “mediate” which is simply another word for the rebels to “surrender.” Rebel leaders responded to the vague offer by President Chavez from Venezuela who has transformed a democracy into a kleptocracy for those who are friends of the modern, “Bolivar” now wants to help his buddy in Libya escape the wrath of angry Libyans. One rebel leader commented about the “offer,” that “no one has told us a thing about it and we are not interested anyway.” Another leader was even blunter, “talk of peace is far too late” and expressed the feeling of most Libyans by arguing that Gaddafi lost the right to remain in power once he unleashed his army of mercenaries on his own people.

The Arab League said they had heard that Chavez made some such offer, but had not idea what it was all about.In Benghazi, Khalid Alsably, a lawyer made clear that young men are “full of desire to change the Gaddafi regime and we will march on Tripoli because we have the will to fight and his people do not.”

Unfortunately, the people of Venezuela are not ready to march.