Hugo Is Gone

Hugo  Chavz finally died of cancer after fighting the disease for over a year. He was a man beloved by many poor people in Venezuela and detested by many people in that country. He evoked powerful feelings of hate from other segments of Venezueland society. In some respects those intense emotions are similar to what Barack Obama has stimulated among conservatives in American society. Chavez fundamentally changed his nation by offering poor people a financial and power stake in society. There is no question he ruled in a despotic manner and violated the rights of those who opposed his ideas. He was disliked by the American government who regarded his policies as akin to those of Fidel Castro, but since Venezuela had oil, America traded with its opponent rather than invading the country.

Vice President Vincent Maduro now has an opportunity to bring together all segments of Venezuelan society. He must continue focusing on aiding the poor to gain a decent life, but it should be linked to restoring civil liberaties and making certain  constitutional rights are protected-for all!