Huh? Babies Aren’t Brought By The Stork?

New United Nations studies reveal that Turkish men and women appear to lack some fundamental knowledge about the reproductive process of how babies come into being. One out of four women did not know the name of her private organ and half the men involved in the study by the UN Population Fund didn’t know when pregnancy occurs. One out of three participants didn’t know precisely where an embryo grew in a woman’s womb while only ten percent has accurate information about HIV/AIDS.

The study mainly focused on men and women between the ages of 15 to 24 and was probably the most extensive ever conducted in Turkey. The participants said the media was their primary source of information about sexually transmitted diseases while a girl friend was the best source for a man to learn about sexuality. About 84% did not approve of pre-marital sex although 43% of youth said they knew of someone who had an affair prior to marriage. Most of the youth said they would use a contraceptive and 90% agreed women have the right to ask a man to use a condom.

  • Clara-G

    Turkish people are extremely conservative! 84%… it sounds impossible for us :)