There are times in life when one wonders how one got stuck on the planet Earth. A Turkish woman named Fevziye Cengiz was at a dance hall when approached by Turkish police who then proceeded to arrest the woman and take her to jail. We agree that she might have been somewhat drunk, but what then ensued defies any rationale thinking. The place of interrogation had cameras which recorded the events of the “interrogation.” Three police proceeded to beat the hell out of the woman. Another cop placed curtains on the outside mirror so not one could see the beating.

Prosecutor Goksel Er is now seeking an eight year prison sentence for the woman on charges that she “insulted police” and “resisting on-duty officers” who were carrying out their duties.”In the incident the suspect officers have not committed this crime with the intent of inflicting torture, but due to anger at being insulted”

He wants to send her to prison for eight years while seeking a 1.5 to 3 months of jail for the cops!!!

Unfortunately, this is all too common on planet Earth!!