Human Rights, Human Remains

There are numerous nut groups wandering the streets of our fair nation,  but none so idiotic as the Westboro  Baptist Church. Its members  are on some sort of crusade based on their conversations with the Big Guy up in the sky. The group believes wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are caused by God who is furious at our failure to  execute gays and lesbians at high noon. Westboroians appear at funerals of those who died in these wars  to shout anger at one and all.

Fortunately, the dead sleep peacefully being unaware of  hate above them. The state of California has passed legislation which makes it a misdemeanor to protest within 1,000 feet of a funeeral one hour before the ceremony.  This law now makes nut cases into some sort of martyr group whose rights are being abridged. IGNORE THEM INTO OBLIVION!