Human Rights Takes Xmas Vacation In Russia

Perhaps, our headline is not exactly correct in claiming human rights took a vacation during the Christmas holidays. A more accurate headline would state human rights has been on a long term vacation in Russia. The death of Sergei Magnitsky has aroused a fury in the country since it is clear he was allowed to die without any consideration for providing medical attention. Prison authorities claimed he had died of heart failure although there is no record Magnitsky ever complained of having a bad heart. The Moscow Public Oversight Center blasted the death as an example of deliberate inattention to the medical needs of a person. This group is not an official government body but is mandated by law to oversee human rights in Russia.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office refuses to launch an investigation even though President Medvedev fired numerous prison officials and called for an investigation. We can only assume the Public Prosecutor is awaiting an OK from Prime Minister Putin to do anything.