Human Rights –UN Style!

Within a few months there will be a UN sponsored conference to deal with issues of human rights in the world. The sixty page draft of issues to be discussed by the conference come down to one nation being the cause of human rights on planet Earth–guess which one!! Members of the United Nations Human Rights Council include such fighters for human rights and sexual equality as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Cuba, and China. At the last such conference held in Durban, South Africa, the name of Israel was discussed 120 times and any attempt to discuss sexual issues such as dealt with by Sharia law were ruled out of order.

Perhaps, this writer has been living on another planet, but one would think the following might be issues to discuss at a conference on Human Rights:

The murder of 300,000 people in Darfur and the rape of thousands of women.

The murder of FIVE MILLION PEOPLE IN CONGO and the rape of uncounted thousands of women.

The killiing of 60,000 people in Uganda and the kidnapping of thousands of children who are forced to murder.

The death of 4,000 people in Zimbabwe of cholera as a result of the brutal policies of President Mugabe.

China’s record in Tibet.

Saudi Arabia’s record on dealing with gays and lesbians.

Pakistan’s record on dealing with equal rights for women.

Iran’s stoning to death of women, imprisoning human rights activists, etc…

There is only one way to handle this travesty of justice and human rights –boycott the darn meeting. It is simply an opportunity for people like Cubans who imprison gays to denounce Israel.

My question is: If Israel did not exist, would they even hold such a conference? If they did, what would they discuss?