Human Sacrifice On Rise In Uganda–And America?

There are gory stories emanating from Uganda about children being kidnapped and their bodies used for human sacrifice by individuals who believe they can secure wealth and power if a body is sacrificed on the altar of death. It is estimated at least 12 children and 14 adults were killed as part of human sacrifice, although some figures place the number as high as 154. The theory in Uganda is that sacrifice of another results in power and wealth. According to a task force led by Moses Binoga examining this phenomenon, “people stop having respect for humanity and believe only in the worth of money and so-called good fortune and they lose respect for people.”

Mr. Binoga’s comment certainly is an accurate description of those on Wall Street who use the money of others in order to amass huge fortunes. It describes credit card companies which send interest rates soaring to the sky while individuals find themselves unable to cope with their finances. We condemn witchcraft in Uganda and ignore the witches and wizards in our own society who rip to pieces bodies and minds by using others in order to gain wealth.

The other day an ugly crowd of Tea Party activists hurled the word, “nigger” at Congressman John Lewis who spent his youth fighting to end racism in America. These Tea Party crazies would rather destroy lives of those without medical care because the cost might be a few of their own dollars spent to help those without.