Humans Never Change

Every so often a piece of news emerges which enables one to understand why so many Americans love to wander the world with a gun in hand since they feel the need to be protected against some sort of  attack. The first complete ammoth skeleton has been found in France in over a hundred years. About 150,000 years ago my Neanderthal ancestors cornered this beast, killed it with spears and then had a feast. I do not believe they invited NRA officials to this shindig. The mammoth was about nine feet tall and weighed about five tons. Fortunately, it was in excellent condition and we now have a wonderful skeleton to hang in some museum.

There are rumors the NRA will use this example as further evidence why we Americans need to carry around guns. After all, what if a mammoth wandered into our neighborhood? This definitely proves why every American should carry around an assault weapon. I think it also proves that members of the NRA have a Neanderthal brain.