Humong Refugees — Forgotten Aftermath Of Vietnam War

The government of Thailand has decided to repatriate 8,000 Hmong refugees who have lived in their nation for over thirty years after escaping communist rule in Laos. The Hmong fought alongside America in the Vietnam conflict and this group was never allowed an opportunity to enter America, they have languished in refugee camps in Thailand. Human Rights condemned the return of the Hmong noting they fled from “political persecution and rights abuses” and face the prospect of discrimination once back in Laos. Thailand has virtually ignored these people to the extent of not even providing education for the children.

Where is the United States on this issue? The Hmong risked all in aiding American military forces and now they are abandoned once again. For once, President Bush might support with action his brave words about helping the oppressed of the world.

  • Chris Kuntz

    I find this action on the part of Thailand un-exceptable , but the real problem lies with the United States which has not allied with these people as they did with us. We own many United States Lifes to the brave Hmong people and should open our doors to all who helped our country placing themselves and their families in harms way.