Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

An American tragedy is the inept reporting of George Bush in the American media, and Fox News is not the only culprit. The president’s recent trip to Europe was a voyage to nowhere marred by verbal gaffes, intellectual confusion, naivete, and total lack of any coherent foreign policy. There is little question Bush’s visit to Albania was the bright spot in what most European diplomats viewed as among the most disastrous episodes in American foreign policy.

He began his trip by undermining proposals by leaders such as German Prime Minister Merkel to push for positive action on global warming. Again, Bush insisted global warming must take a back seat to interests of American businessmen, and all he could assure anyone of is that some day in the far, far future, America might get around to doing something about the single most significant issue facing humanity. The president is an optimist who believes taking a positive attitude will eventually result in positive results, science, be damned. Fortunately, most European leaders were polite and did not express what was probably on their mind — you idiot, we must do something, stop procrastinating.

Our beloved leader then walked right into a trap set by Putin who threw a curve by offering use of bases for the famous missile shield rather than having it placed in an east European country. Bush was completely surprised and mumbled his way by expressing incoherent responses. Putin wanted to humiliate Bush, and did a great job. All Bush could say was that the shield was not directed against Russia, but against unknown enemies which can only translate into Iran and North Korea. But, he had no logical explanation why Putin’s offer could not be accepted — all he could say was it required study.

In Rome on June 9, a reporter asked Bush about the issue of a deadline for independence for Kosovo. Bush thought the man said, “decline” and was confused. Finally, he got the word and assured one and all “In terms of the deadlines, there needs to be one.” The next day when asked about his support for a deadline he denied ever expressing such support. Finally, after being reminded what he said, Bush commented: “Deadline. OK, yes, then I meant what I said.” This man has been president of the most powerful nation in the world for nearly seven years and continues to demonstrate incompetence and incoherence, but the American media will not inform the nation as to the real inept Bush.

Bush offered no new ideas about Iraq or the Middle East. Hamas, which he refused to acknowledge as an important force, just took military control of the Gaza Strip, but the president will continue insisting we can not deal with anyone who believes in violence. Of course, Bush’s policies are predicated on violence, only it is violence in the name of democracy so that’s OK. Chaos reigns in Iraq during his famous “surge,” two million people have fled Iraq, and our military doesn’t know what will happen in September because there is not the slightest possibility violence will have declined by that point. Will George Bush declare “victory” and cut and run?

Historically, most American presidents had their secretary of state with them on important diplomatic missions, but as Bush wandered aimlessly through Europe, Condi Rice was back home giving a talk at the Economic Club of New York on what she termed the new definition of American foreign policy: “American Realism.” Who is this woman? Shouldn’t she be with the president? Shouldn’t she be continually briefing him or analyzing what transpired at a meeting? Well, at least the good news is she wasn’t shopping for shoes as she did during Hurricane Katrina.

In a footnote to the fiasco, Elliot Abrams, deputy national security advisor, addressed a meeting of Jewish Republicans who were assured by Mr. Abrams to pay no mind to Condi Rice’s meeting with the President of Syria because President Bush is adamant about no relations with Syria. Does one get the feeling no one is in charge and the Bush administration just makes things up as they go merrily on their way?

If the American media paid the same attention to Bush’s trip as they did to Clinton/Lewinsky, the American public would be ready for impeachment proceedings against Bush. He is a clueless, cliched spouting, oafish, imbecile who has squandered America’s reputation as a city on the hill. Instead, we have become the garbage dump for incoherent ideas.