Hundred Thousand Chile Students Riot!

Chile represents for many American conservatives a land in which things proceed as God deemed them to be– wealthy folk rule, business does what it damn well pleases, and poor people do what they are told. However, a new generation of young Chileans are fighting back. They are furious at underfunded public education which does not provide equal opportunity for those without money. Wealthy people send their children to private schools and when they  get to be 18 off they go to America or Europe in search of a good college.

About 150,000 students marched through the streets of Santiago demanding radical changes in funding for schools. They sang, they danced, they wore costumes and banged on pots to express their desire for an end to a system of private enterprise which has no room for poor or lower middle class youth. They want a national referendum which would legalize the right of all Chile students to have a modern world class education.

Perhaps, American college students have something to learn from these brave young boys and girls!