Hundreds Of Civilians Die-No One Protests!

Over 300 civilians were killed by an army whose name was not the IDF which may account for the fact there have not been any world wide protests concerning their deaths. A Sri Lankan health official says recent artillery gunfire and heavy firing has resulted in the death of at least 300 civilians with over a thousand who have been wounded. Dr. Varatharajah revealed the figures in an effort to secure medical supplies for the wounded. The Sri Lankan government has pledged not to launch attacks inside a “safe zone” which supposedly provides for civilians a secure place that will not be shelled. The Sri Lankan military denies it has been killing civilians even though its nation’s high ranking medical officer says they have killed civilians.

Human rights groups have expressed concern for the estimated 250,000 civilians trapped in territory being assaulted by the military. UN sources claim they have seen “dozens of people killed and wounded” by the Sri Lankan armed forces. Jacques de Maio, of the Red Cross says, “people are being caught in the cross fire, hospitals and ambulances have been hit by shelling, and several aid workers have been injured.”

As far as this reporter knows, there have not been any demonstrations in the streets of Europe or Arab nations about the death of 300 Sri Lankan civilians. There are no cries by British academics to boycott Sri Lankan universities as they have called for in the case of Israeli academics. I wonder why?