Hundreds Of New Zealanders Protest Anti-Terror Raids

Hundreds of New Zealanders protested across the nation against this week’s massive police sweep aimed against terrorists. During the police action, vehicles were halted and people searched. There was considerable anger because the police halted school buses, entered waving guns and frightened hundreds of children. A bus driver described the police entering his bus with weapons and upsetting children. Protestors carried signs saying, “He taonga te mukopuno”– children are out treasures. Greg O’Connor, head of the Police Association said complaints came from usual sources — politicians and those who were halted and searched.

For some reason police assumed school buses were places on which terrorists were hidden. Mr. O’Connor is right, the children who were harassed and their parents actually protested. Is he arguing parents should allow armed police to board school buses for some ridiculous reason that terrorists are hiding on them and not protest! The “terrorist hysteria” is getting out of hand.