Hungarian Neo-Nazis Demonstrate In Budapest

Before and during World War II, there was a strong pro-Nazi right wing group in Hungary which actively supported Hitler’s ideas and carried out brutal actions against Hungarian Jews which resulted in the death of thousands. It is not surprising that descendants of those nationalist extremists are alive and well in modern Hungary. The Magyar Garda, a right wing nationalist group, showed its power by inducting into its militia 400 new recruits, including young children. Members of the Hungarian Guard, wearing their distinctive black uniforms, held their fourth national ceremony in Heroes Square.

Members of parliament attended the ceremony as did a controversial priest, Lorant Hegedus. The Magyar Garda was registered in June, 2007 as a “cultural organization” whose goal is to “prepare youth spiritually and physically for extraordinary situations when it might be necessary to mobilise the people.” It has attacked Roma groups on several occasions and has marched in their communities.

It is rather sad, given the history of such groups in recent Hungarian history, they are still around and spouting their hatred.