Hungarian President Opposes Anti-Domestic Violence Laws

President Laszio Solyom of Hungary was criticized by Liberal legislators for blocking legislation that would have placed new curbs on those guilty of domestic violence. The president argued the proposed law defined the meaning of “relative” and “violence”too loosely. He claimed the measures would “disproportionately limit the freedom of movement of the accused.” It appears Solyom is more concerned with the rights of people who threaten and abuse than with those who are subjected to ongoing domestic physical and verbal abuse. According to sponsors of the bill, Hungarian statistics indicate the first request by a victim who has been subject to domestic violence only comes after years of such attacks.

If President Solyom believes the current legislation violates the Hungarian constitution, he might offer corrections to the measures to ensure they are legal. In the absence of any action on his part to reach out for legislation to protect those being abused in marriages, it certainly raises questions as to what he regards as important in the area of domestic violence.