Hungary And Roma Question

The issue of where do Romas belong in Hungarian society has been discussed year after year without any real effort to develop either a short or a long term strategy for dealing with the issue. A few weeks ago, Miskoic police chief Albert Pasztor, created a stir by claiming that virtually all crime committed in his city were done by Romas. The reality is the presence of an ever widening gap between the economic level of Romas and other Hungarians as well as the social distance between the groups in their everyday lives. The reality is lack of equal job opportunities and lack of education access as being at the heart of this gap in power. The current government set out a “Decade of Roma” legislation which has been successful in the area of rhetoric but there is little concrete to support achieving its goals.

As always in dealing with oppressed minorities there is no lack of plans and proposals and study groups and seminars to examine issues, but the aftermath of these endeavors is rarely matched by concrete steps at solutions. There comes a moment in time when action is needed and an end to further studies. Just do something to help end poverty and to ensure Roma children can obtain a quality education.