Hungary Appoints Protector Of Future Generations

The parliament of Hungary passed a new piece of legislation designed to protect future generations against the stupidity of modern leaders who refuse to deal with the environment. Sandor Fulop, an environmental lawyer, has been appointed to the new position of what is being termed the “green ombudsman.” In this position, Mr. Fulop’s main responsibility will be protecting the rights of Hungarians yet to be born that their current nation is considering the world into which they will be born. The hope is to halt efforts by modern Hungarians to impact the environment in destructive ways.

Mr. Fulop’s main responsibility is to analyze actions by Hungary’s government that entail making “environmentally destructive decisions” which can prove damaging to the rights of those unborn to inhabit a world that allows humans to live in harmony with their planet. This appointment may be the first of its kind on planet Earth and the Hungarian people deserve an accolade for their creative futuristic manner of thinking.