Hungary Does Not Hunger For Democracy

The European Parliament has expressed concern about laws being passed in Hungary which, in effect, would empower conservatives to push through whatever laws they desire including denying free speech to opponents. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has trampled on basic values of the European Union. Early this month the EU Parliament’s Rapporteur for the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs blasted a new Hungarian law which prevents its Supreme Court from declaring unconstitutional laws passer by Parliament. This Committee is raising an issue-should the European Union take action against the Hungarian government or should it allow a member to ignore the basis of what is meant by being in the European Union?

It is time to eject Hungary from the EU and allow its dictatorial leaders life without being part of a continental alliance. Even Angela Merkel, a leading conservative is ready to take action. There is evidence that many conservative groups in the EU will support action against a leading conservative party.