Hungary Not Hungry For Democracy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has done his best to remove those who oppose his regime from any source of power. He has welcomed those with Nazi ideas into his company and urged that Romas be sent to other areas of Europe rather than remain in his racially pure Hungary. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made him angry because of her opposition to removal of democratic procedures in Hungary. A German politician, Social Democrat Peer Steinbruck, raised the issue of asking Hungary to leave the European Union only to infuriate Orban.

Orban compared Nazi occupation of Hungary to current complaints about his dictatorial regime. “The Germans have already sent cavalry to Hungary-they came in the form of tanks.” I hate to teach the Hungarian some Hungarian history.  Hungary was an ALLY of Nazi Germany. Thousands of Hungarians took part in the invasion of the Soviet Union and thousands died there.

Oh, Mr. Ovban, over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were rounded up with the assistance of Hungarian police and sent to their deaths. The people who killd them would agree with his views on democracy-or, should we say, the absence of democracy!