The teachers and Headteachers in the United Kingdom have a right to hold their heads high because they defied government bureaucrats and did what was best for children. Headteachers refused to administer this year’s Sat tests on grounds to do so would further efforts by government bureaucrats to demean the children of Great Britain. In Camberly, the Headteachers sent a letter to parents: “We have no objection to testing and assessing children, but firmly believe that this should be done at a time, in a place and in a manner that is right for the child and that testing should underpin teacher judgment, not override it.” The National Union of Teachers overwhelmingly supported this decision. Children will be given a past Sat test and the results will be shared with parents, but not used to determine a grade. This year’s test will be locked up.

The teachers and headmasters of England have a right to be proud. As a teacher of fifty years experience who has taught over 12,000 teachers and students, I applaud the bravery and commitment to children of British teachers. A teacher who works for a 185 days or more with children is the best evaluator of that child’s progress. The purpose of testing should be to assist teachers in gaining new knowledge as to how to improve teaching and learning. Why else test a child?