Hurricane Sandy Blasted

There are rumors that a few weeks ago some sort of hurricane hit the northeast area of the United States of America. Unconfirmed reports indicate it left in its wake a bit of damage. Estimated cost of this minor damage runs to about $60 billon. Republican members of Congress left for the day without supporting the bipartisan vote in the US Senate for  funds to help rebuild these devastated area. Republican Congressman Peter King and Republican Governor Chris Christie are furious at their parties decision to go home rather than aiding those without homes to rebuild. Ironically, it is people like King and Christie who did not support extending unemployment pay for those who lacked jobs.

The same people who will not vote for aid to those impacted by a hurricane and crying because wealthy folk might have to pay an extra 3% in taxes. Now, an extra 3% is much worse than any hurricane can do, it robs those with wealth of their hard earned pay! Not one penny for hurricane aid until all pennies are restored to those with wealth!!