Hurt Wall Street In Pockets

Thousands of wonderful peaceful folk are marching along streets in New York City  to protest the greed of Wall Street. The folks on Wall Street louse up their companies, they are unable to pay their bills, but instead of losing their companies due to bankruptcy, the American people bail out the incompetents. So, what happens? If  a company is on Wall Street and makes financial mistakes, we decide to help them out and save them from their own stupidity.

Protesters have every right to march and demonstrate. However the best way to punish Wall  Street folk is to hit them in their pockets. For example:

1.  Extend Social Security to cover all income.

2.  Raise the inheritance tax to an 80% rate for all money above $10,000,000.

3.  Tax at a rate of 75% all money held by a family that is in excess of $25,000,000