Hyperbole Extraordinary –Gaza And Iran

Among the ongoing problems with Israeli leaders is when they have right on their side they work very hard to ensure the world concludes they are on the wrong side. Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, told religious soldiers in his command that Israel would not allow Gaza to become an Iranian port. He charged allowing ships to bring aid meant one must be on guard against Iranians sneaking in missiles and other weapons of war. “We have a natural right to examine and prevent the inflow of weapons into Gaza.” Yes, Israel does have this right. Exactly who denies Israel or any government of preventing weapons to cross their borders. Ashkenazi poses a question to which there is only one response and stands defiantly before soldiers proclaiming he is defending the nation.

The best defense of Israel is when its leaders work in a cooperative mode with Palestinian leaders to achieve peace. Secure peace and all talk about missiles and weapons will cease. Stop posturing on the stage of defiance, General Ashkenazi, and take a deep breath and work for peace.