Hypocrisy Of Benjamin Netanyahu!

Bibi Netanyahu went before the American Congress in an effort to once again prove his ideas concerning “peace” with Palestinians was fair and revealed a willingness to seek a compromise. Hogwash! Republican congressmen, whose main goal is seeking to persuade American Jews that President Obama hates Israel and favors Palestinians. were besides themselves with joy and applauded at of their own ignorance. Bibi emphasized that Palestinians were the cause of any conflict in reaching peace. “How can one negotiate with a party that has shown itself unwilling to recognize your right to exist?” He expressed his willingness to accept Palestine. “I will accept a Palestinian state.” All he wanted in return is for President Abbas, who heads the Palestinian Authority, to say, “I will accept a Jewish state.” Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

This is a key point of the conflict. The state of Israel was founded by men like Ben-Gurion as a homeland for the Jewish people. It was NOT founded as a “Jewish state.” At least 20% of the people in the state of Israel are NOT Jews, they are Muslims and Christians. It would be insulting for them to be citizens in a “Jewish state.” Naturally, Netanyahu went on to emphasize that East Jerusalem which is mainly Muslim would not be part of a Palestinian state. Prior Israel leaders accepted that east Jerusalem would be under Palestinian control.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the greatest disaster for the people of Israel. He represents the antithesis as to how a Jew should conduct himself in this world. He is a cynic, he only is concerned about votes, he dislikes Muslims, and he should be removed as leader of Israel.