Hysteria Of Death In Haiti

In America, witches are those who seek to create jobs through use of federal funds, in Haiti witches are those who look different, who have angered someone at some time of the year, and they must be killed. In America, witches are responsible for a bad economy, for terrorist actions and for praying in strange ways. In Haiti, a witch is ordinarily a quiet woman who may seek to help others or who may simply prefer keeping apart from most people. An outbreak of hysteria in Haiti which is wracked by cholera as well as the aftermath of natural disaster, has resulted in over a dozen people being hacked to death, shot or burned in public in order to warn the spirits of death to remain away. It is doubtful if those who killed witches on Haiti will be punished anymore than those who speak rationally in America will ever get elected.

Voices of fear sound loudly in Haiti, voices of fear in America are rewarded with power in Congress. Personally, I prefer Haitian voices with all its bigotry and ignorance.