Hysteria Triumphs Up North On Canadian Border

Over the past two hundred years the people of Canada and the United States have lived in peace and been allies in several wars that were fought overseas. Each year millions of people peacefully cross one border or the other to shop, visit friends or go on vacation. There has not been the slightest evidence of any form of terrorism in the border region but the forces of hysteria are alive in Washington D.C. There is a 3,000 mile border which can fairly easily be crossed by anyone with the determination and a few dollars to spend, but Washington D.C. bureaucrats believe making people produce passports somehow will end the non-existent threat. Of course, about 70% of Americans do not have passports which means thousands, if not millions of people, who might ordinarily hop across the border will cease doing so.

When will the madness of “terrorism” pass and common sense return? There is absolutely no reason to require passports on the American-Canadian border. What ever happened to the Obama promise the days of Bush madness will end? I guess we now have Obama madness.