I Accept Job, No, I Do Not!

Twenty days ago, Palestinian leader President Mahmoud Abbas asked Rami Hamadallah to become prime minister of the nation and he acceped. His first tweet announced, “Welcome! This is my official Twitter account. Rami Hamdallah, Prime Minister of Palestine.” That was last week, today is another week and Mr. Hamdallah has become the shortest lasting prime minister in the history of Palestine. He resigned. His explanation: “the situation in this country forced me to resign. Conflicts, confusion, corruption. Palestine needs a real political reorm.”

Now, this is one honest dude. The government of Israel makes impossible for any intelligent Palestinian leader to do anything other than make a daily complaint about violation of Palestinian rights. At least he is honest about efforts of the Israel government to deny Palestine any way to become a modern society. Rest in peace, Mr. Hamdallah.