I Accept The Consequences Says Catholic Bishop

Bishop Anders Arborelius announced that he would resign as head of the Catholic Archdiocese of Stockholm after it was revealed that two women had complained about sexual abuses at the hand of priests and were ignored for many years. “As a bishop,” he said, “I take full responsibility for that and am prepared to face the consequences.” Bishop Brandenburg who preceded him to the office was contacted by the women nearly twenty years ago, and, in essence told them they would check the allegations but made clear there would be no public discussion of what they uncovered. When the women told Arborelius in 2003 of what had happened they were urged to see a psychiatrist.

It is simply one more example of serious problems in the Catholic Church. There comes a time when apologizing or even resigning is not enough. It is time to confront issues of celibacy and the entire structure of the Church in dealing with sexual abuses.