Newt Gingrich believes himself to be an historian. He is convinced that he knows more about history than all the other liberal historians who think they are so smart because they went to an important college instead of a back water place in Georgia. Newt believes in the sanctity of the family, in fact he has had three families which proves that not only does he know more about history than any other candidate, but he knows more about families. He knows about the economy. “I think you have to have the credibility of understanding how the econmomy works. I do.” In fact he  made nearly $2 million as the resident historian for Freddie Mac. If you want to know how to wreck an econ0my, just check with the man who knows it all.

Mitt Romney does not agree with Newt. The Mitt-Newt controversy is over which one will kiss ass the most in order to get the nomination. “He’s a life long politician, ” says Mitt who has spent the past decade trying to get the Republican nomination for president.  However, look at the record:


1. Mitt has been married only once. Newt has been married three times.

2. Mitt was born, raised and still is a Mormon. Newt has been both a Protestant and a Catholic.  And, if it will get him the nomination, he is willing to slice  off part of his penis  and become a Jewish boy.

3. Newt has never cheated on his wife. Mitt is a serial marriage cheater.

Mitt wins this contest, hands down!