I Am Nujood, Age 10,Divorced!

Muslims throughout the world, like people of all religions, contain those who cling to old outdated ideas and those who seek to become engaged in 21st century life. In some Muslim nations the exploitation of children is integral to the fabric of life and this was dramatized last year by the case of Nujood who as a ten year old in Yemen was married to a elderly man who was able to buy her with a cash payment to the family. Nujood was able to get her story heard in Yemen and soon it became an international incident. A French journalist sat down with Nujood and has captured her story in a new book that already has been released in French and now in English. The book will soon be translated into Arabic.

In her story, the girl recounts the “wedding night” and being taken by her family to the man she had to marry. That night she was raped, although officially it was simply another wedding night of sex for the bride. Nujood escaped and went to a court which led to her tale securing publicity and eventually ending the marriage.

According to UNICEF figures about one in four girls under the age of 15 find romance, love and marriage in the arms of an old man–one, who has the money for love, that is.