I AM Right!

It is rather unfortunate that the Republican party lacks a charismatic figure like Vladimir Putn to lead them into the valley of rich harvests and happy folk. He just completed a four hour talk-in show during which he assured the people of Russia that all was going well and he knew exactly how to create a modern economically healthy society. Step One is to ensure anyone who doubts his policies spends some time in Siberia making goods in a prison factory. OK, so figures indicate the Russian economy is sluggish, OK, so Russia continues depending on natural resources rather than modern technology centers, OK, so bribery is common, OK, so those with divergent ideas wind up in prison. Examine what was just written and all you have are a lot of OKs.

The Great Leader made clear that he DOES understand economics. When asked about corruption in his government he insisted that HE was against it, BUT, “people fighting against corruption must be crystal clear.” I assume he means they must identify people who hate Putin as the corrupt folk. If they charge men and women around the Wise Leader as corrupt, then it is Siberia time.

As the Wise Leader emphasizes, “a thief should be in jail.” We agree!