Every so often a world leader explains his views on life, on power, and on how peace can be furthered which results in wonder at which planet this individual currently inhabits. President Bashar al-Assad comes from a noble family. His father was dictator, his father murdered thousands of fellow Muslims, and his father inhabited a palace in which only those who agreed with his ideas were allowed to continue living. Bashar offered to the world  his interpretation of what was going on in Syria. It goes like this:

1. I am a noble son of Syria.

2. I am willing to negotiate with anyone, including militants who will surrender their  weapons to me.

3. I will not negotiate with any militant who will not surrender to me.

4. British colonialists will not be welcome in my palace.

5. The people of Syria adore and worship me–except for a few who are in Syria but really are not part of Syria.

6. I trust this is clear to one and all.