“I Am Who I Am”

Mitt Romney won two elections  yesterday although he continues to be unable to gain a majority of votes in any such endeavor. Mitt was running in the state of Michigan, his home state where his dad was governor and the man of all seasons, was able to capture 41% of the vote against Rick Loudmouth Santorum who got 38%. Consider the reality, Rick who attacks President John F. Kennedy, considers going to college to be an indication of being a “snob,” was within three percentage points of gaining a victory. Actually, the issue no longer is Mitt Romney, the issue is who are these people supporting this man whose ideas would fit perfectly into 17th  century America?

Mitt boasted to the world, “I am not willing to light my hair on fire. I am who I am.”

Fair enough:

1. He supported abortion rights before opposing them.

2. He supported government health programs before opposing them.

3. He was for gun control before opposing it.

And, so on and so on. I trust all reading this now know who “I am.”