I Can Kill More Of You Guys!

Shiite forces are moving steadily towards Baghdad,and just what is most on the mind of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki? Most probably he just received a report from a police station just north of Baghdad where, prior to fleeing for their lives, police executed 44 Sunni prisoners. According to the officer in charge of these murders, “these people were detainees who were arrested in accordance with Article 4 serious offenses. They were killed by the policemen in the jail before they withdrew from the station.” Ho hum,another 44 dead. This obviously means that Shiites must execute a bunch of Shiites.

In all honesty, neither side requires any excuse for killing the other guys. Many in the Iraq government are pleading with Maliki to reach out to Sunni leaders and get their support. His response is since there is a crisis this is the wrong time to form a coalition. Huh? Unless this incompetent man makes a dramatic shift in thinking, it is a hopeless cause to send Americans into battle to aid his survival.