“I Can’t Breathe”

I w as born and raised in the streets of New York City so the idea of people seeling goods on sidewalks wa a common sight. They simply were poorer folk lacking enough money to rent a store where they could sell goods. In my childhood, when Sunday blue laws were common, Jewish merchants like my dad, had to pay off cops in order to open his Kosher butcher shop on Sunday. So< i havea natural connection with anyone who is attempting to get by in life by selling goods on the sidewalks of New York City. Eric Garner, a ix foot, three hundred pound guy sold cigarettes on sidwalks in Staten Island. He was just another poor slob trying to get by in an honest manner. He did not want to rob a store, had no thoughts of holdin up a bank. Eric was the typical New York City guy, husting cigarettes to make a few bucks. A few cops approached Mr. Garner and told him topack up and leave the scene of action. “Everytime you see me, you hustle me,” said Eric to the cops. But, they were determiend to get a bad guy. Of course, they never went to Wall Street, home of the greatest hustlers in America, no, they wanted to halt the sale of cigarettes. Finally, four cops grabbed Mr. Garner and pushed him to the ground. “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,” he mumbled. But officer Daniel Pantaleo had him firmly gripped in a choke hold. Within a moment, the voice of Mr. Garner no longer could be heard. He was dead. Offier Pantaleo has been stripped of his badge and gun. A colleague was told to keep his badge and gun and report to a desk job. I wonder if some day NY police will use a choke hold on Wall Street bankers??