“I Confess”

War might be a norm in human history, and war might be among the earliest human interpersonal activities, but war transforms humans into something other than their normal beings. Sgt. John Russell spent months in combat which apparently took its toll on his capacityt to handle daily life. In May, 2009, he was at the Camp Liberty Combat Stress Center near Baghdad when something happened to this man. Witnesses said they saw Russell crying and talking about hurting himself. He went to the clinic where a doctor told him that he needed help or he would hurt himself. Russell tried to surrender to military police and asked them to lock him up. They did not.

He left the clinic, got a rifle and began blasting away and the result was that five members of the military were killed. There is something wrong when a soldier asks to be locked up and no one does anything. Russell  willl plead guilty to five murders. Unfortunately, the incompetent members of the military will not be punished.