I Do Not Understand

Every so often my mind simply does not understand actions of Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A bus loaded with pilgrims seeking to visit a religious shrine in Iran were attacked by a suicide bomber who blew up 19 people including women and children. Their crime was to be Shiites in a land where most Muslims are Sunni so what else to do but kill men, women and children– in the name of God. One can only assume that God desires those who He created to die because some humans worship God  in a  slightly different manner than other humans. I simply can not get into the mind of a suicide bomber who is killing fellow Muslims even if those Muslims differed in some way from himself.

Logically speaking, it makes sense to be a suicide bomber and kill the enemy like American or NATO soldiers. Logically, it might make some sense to kill Pakistan soldiers or police since they represent the power of the government. But, what sense is there in murdering Muslims who seek to pray?

I believe we in the 21st century are witnessing ideas from the 16th century. Death is simply another way to say I love God.