I Do Not Understand, Never Will

I am of that generation born after WWI who lived through World War II as a teenager and followed with intense interest events of that tragic episode in human history. French novelist, Albert Camus once said that to have been born before 1950 one would have experienced either directly or by observation every form of human depravity known to man. I have extensively studied the Holocaust, but I must confess the actions of members of the Taliban are bewildering. Nazis murdered people who they regarded as not of their own kind. The Taliban boasts of murdering innocent Afghans who are devout Muslims. The Taliban insists to be a good Muslim one must engage in murdering(it is not killing, it is murdering) those of their own faith including children!

Another Taliban attack on a charity in which children were murdered as men blew themselves up along with cars. The charity worked with those impacted by mines and carried the word, Peace, in its title. Frankly, to the Taliban it makes no difference what you are doing, you must die because you are in the wrong place and the wrong time. Call yourself, Roots of Peace, who cares. A child asked his dad why he didn’t warn him about the attack and dad simply had to respond the Taliban do not provide early notice of whom they desire to murder.

All in the name of God!