I Do Not Understand

I have studied history, particularly the centuries of religious conflict within Europe as Catholics and Prortestants vied in desire to kill one another. There are numerous examples of horrific murders on either side against the other. Yesterday, once again, a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up before a Mosque. The attack in the town of Maymana occurred as people had come to pray in order to celebrate the Eid al-Adha holiday. A bomber blew himself up and caused the death of 36 while numerous others were wounded.

I assume the bomber is on his way to heaven or wherever one goes who murders innocent men,  women and children. I am certain he felt happy as his body disintegrated since he knew many others would soon be dead. I know what he did, but am completely baffled how one can kill those of YOUR religion and your village and your country.

Isn’t there something sacred about a Mosque? Or, is there nothing that is sacred to Taliban followers? I am confused.