“I Don’t Remember Anything”About Sexual Abuses

The ongoing saga of sexual abuses by priests being reported is met by the ongoing saga of Vatican officials who do not remember anything. Bishop Joseph Windle in Canada, disclosed he had sent a letter to the Vatican many years ago in which he reported cases told him by altar boys who were sexually molested by Farther Bernard Prince. Windle wrote: “Were he to be honored in any way, it could easily trigger a reaction among the victims of others who are aware of his previous conduct.” One would assume any official receiving such a communication would conduct an investigation in order to either, protect the reputation of the accused priest or protect the lives of young boys. A reporter contacted the papal nuncio who received the letter and was told: “I just don’t remember anything” and he hung up.

Oh, Father Prince was given a position in the Vatican and became a good friend of then Pope John Paul II. End of story