“I Feel Pretty Darn Good!”

Mitt Romney feels “pretty darn good” after spending millions of dollars in Ohio to squeak out a one percent victory over Rick Santorum. There is no question Mitt Romney will win any presidency for the nation of Panderer. The man who once defended abortion rights, now has no memory of what he once believed. The man who wanted government organized health insurance, hates the Obama health insurance program. Call a girl a “slut” and he figures out a  way to ignore the insult since it comes from His Highness Rush Limbaugh.

One Democratic leader posed the question to Mitt if you can’t stand up to Rush Linbaugh, “how are you going to stand up against (Iran President) Ahmadinejad? Mitt is a man for all seasons–and all viewpoints. Show him a vote and he will raise his right hand. There is something very sad about this man who has the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

I have a hunch his dead father who fought for civil rights must wonder who is this Romney?