I Got Gun Rights!!

Once again liberal do-gooders led by the man from Africa are attempting to take away our God given right to carry a gun wherever we desire. Just because Aaron Alexis happened to kill twelve people and wound others the do-gooders are using this minor incident as an excuse to take away our right to have weapons of war. OK, so he was drummed out of the Navy Reserves because of “a pattern of misbehavior”but what does that have to do with having a gun in his possession. Alex enjoyed going about during the day with a gun in his pocket because he wanted to protect himself against evil people who roam the streets. Is that wrong? Ok, so he heard voices, he had paranoia, and encountered difficulty in sleeping, what do those issues have to do with the right to possess arms? Read the Second Amendment. Is there anything in that Article about having paranoia?

I realize the do-gooders are in favor of background checks. Once you check on the background of people, the next step is forbidding honest men and women from having weapons of war. Thank God for those people in Colorado who voted out the do gooders seeking to install background checks. Once they check my background, the next thing they will check is my right to be a free Ammerican . GOD BLESS THE NRA!