I Got Gun Rights

I am an American, I am a veteran, and I am a gun toting God Fearing 100% Christian who believes since Jesus Christ had a gun, so do I have the same right to  shoot the hell out of anyone who dares taking away my 2nd Amendment rights. Jimmy Lee Dykes, a  65 year old retired truck driver is being attacked by the Government because he attempted to put into practice his Second Amemdment Rights. OK, so he threatened to shoot children who placed a foot on his property, it is HIS property, not the land of some rotten spoiled kid. OK, so he beat a dog to death, who told the mutt to set foot on HIS property? OK, so he shot a neighbor duirng an argument, who told the neighbor to disagree with him?

OK, so he entered a bus filled with children and shot the bus driver who refused to hand over a  six year old boy. OK, so he is hold up on his property with the kid. Jimmy is a God fearing red blooded Christian American who simply is defending his Second Amendment rights.