I Got No Conclusions!

I make it my policy to avoid jumping to conclusions about anything and everything. I have no conclusion about a general who sends 20,000 emails to a woman while functioning as the commander in chief of armed forces engaged in a complex war. I assume the  emails are his attempt to relax and enjoy himself which undoubtedly enables him to be more effective as a  leader. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta  wants the world to know “no one should leap to conclusions here. He (General John Allen) certainly has my continued confidence to lead our forces and to continue the fight.” Amen.

I assume General Allen will not have any problem with members of his command sending a few hundred emails back home when they can catch a moment away from fighting the Taliban. Of  course, there is always the possibility the Taliban have girl friends and are sending them emails.

Ah, for the old days when there was no email and generals wasted their time planning and planning and  planning!