I Got Religious Rights!

Hobby Lobby is a corporation that is owned by people who assert they are Christians and therefore any company they own has special religious rights. After all, the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations have the right of free speech which means that a corporation must be treated just like any normal American citizen. Hobby Lobby owners object to the government passing laws they do not like since they are American citizens. They are upset at the Obama Administration which passed this Affordable Care Act. This law requires that corporations pay for health insurance. It is bad enough that corporations have to pay a Social Security tax, it is bad enough that corporations must ensure their workplace has safety features, it is bad enough the government insists that corporations must pay a minimum wage, but the idea that a CHRISTIAN corporation must ensure that female workers get the right to have contraceptives covered is simply beyond the realm of reason.

I have decided to declare myself a corporation. So, from now on:

1. It violates my religious principles to pay income tax since some of that money is used to conduct war.

2. It violates my religious principles to have my car halt for red lights.

3. It violates my religious principles to pay for Social Security, I worked, and therefore, my religion compels government to pay me the same amount of money that I earned while last working. Check the Bible.

How the hell can a CORPORATION be a person??