I Got Rights!

The concept of “freedom of speech”is that it opens new territories to explore in connection with the meaning of democracy. There is a young man who attends the University of Arizona who has strong views pertaining to women and the concept of how women should conduct themselves. Dean Saxton IV spends part of his days at college holding up signs which make clear to one and all that he is upset.
“Sorority Girls Are Whores”

“You Deserve Rape”

“Muslims Are Pedophiles”

He has every right to express these views. The University of Arizona simply responds to his comments with the belief the college “does not condone or endorse the message of the campus speaker.” During the reign of Senator Joseph McCarthy  many university professors had their careers ended due to such comments. College presidents were urged to speak out and they employed the same reasoning that a university does not take a stand. Question: Always?