There is a man wandering through the streets of Los Angeles in his minivan who apparently does not the United States of America. Mr. Harry Burkhart was pulled over by part time policeman who works in neighborhood watch looking for suspicious characters like Harry. Apparently, Mr. Burkhart has been devoting the past few nights to torching parked cars in order to display his anger toward the American people. “I hate America” he told the police.

An important question is why does Mr. Burkhart hate the USA? Here are some possible reasons:

1. He made the mistake of listening to Republicans discuss their ideas on domestic and world affairs.

2. He has relatives in Iraq who were forced to flee their country due to former President Bush.

3. He caught an episode of one of those Reality Shows!

4. He heard Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul discuss their version of American history.

5. He was out bear hunting with Sarah Palin and she mistook him for a bear.