I Hate Americans– But Would Like To Migrate To America!

Diya Muhammad Hussein, a sixteen year-old Iraqi boy, spoke with reporters for Der Spiegel, online, about his desire to kill American troops and his dream of being able to immigrate to America. One night, the boy planted an explosive in the road and hid so he could be ready to detonate it but when American military vehicles drove over the explosives nothing happened. he tried again the next day but abandoned the attempt when he saw Iraq soldiers walking with the Americans, he did not want to kill any of his countrymen, just the occupiers. A few hours later while in an Internet cafe that was being monitored by the police he got into an argument with the man who got him to try killing Americans that was overheard by the police.

Diya calls himself a “muhahedeen,” a freedom fighter. After being captured in the town of Rawah, he confessed and revealed the names of accomplices. He also revealed the hiding place of many explosive devices. He began his career of “terrorism” early in life and he was thrilled at the chance to fight for the Muslim religion. Six of them are now awaiting trial in courts run by the US-led coalition. Diya is now housed in a building which has a contingent of American soldiers so he is interacting with them. Diya still hates the American occupiers, but if offered a visa to America he would gladly take it. A further irony is that Diya is being guarded by his brother who is now an Iraqi policeman. He has thoughts of becoming a policeman himself if the dream trip to America never happens.

Such is the confusing life of an Iraqi teenager in the year, 2007.

  • http://www.ihateamerica.com AntiYank

    Let’s face it, some american’s are OK, however, the ones that are OK are in a minority, & these are also the ones that probably don’t use the internet, or if they do, are not obsessed with having their mark written all over it.

    However, of the american’s I’ve ever come across, these are usually present somewhere on the web, which means they have taken the time to register somewhere, & submit their details.

    Once done they then go on to write offensive, moronic drivel that means nothing to anyone but themselves.. Obsessed with cussing other people’s mother’s, sexual innuendo & a very basic grasp of the English Language that makes it hard for me to understand how they manage to function on a daily basis without having to point at things they want, rather than conversing.

    I find it hard to find any warmth in my heart for american’s after having come across so many instances of their stupidity online that I, whilst not motivated by any religious means, can only agree with anyone who hates america.

    Unfortunately, the americans have brought this all upon themselves & I am in agreement with anyone who follows the rule “you reap what you sow” !!

    (By the way, I am a white British male, I am not religious & I have deliberately not capitalised the word america, because they do not deserve it.)

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Anyone who generalizes about 300 million people is bound to make himself out to be somewhat of an ignorant fool. I have hitchhiked and driven across the United States. I have taught 12,000 of its teachers and students. Have you ever read The Nation magazine or anyone of dozens of superb, well written periodicals? I lived for a year in France and spent several months in England. Basically, the number of decent or nasty people is the same in each nation. Visit America and talk with people.

  • Smarter than the typical American teenager

    As an American, I’m not overly thrilled with the generation that is coming up (i.e. the heavy internet users). A good majority of them have absolutely no idea how to write– let alone speak properly. I hope I can consider myself a better example of the all but brain-dead generation of Americans who are swarming the internet.

    I also hope other nations understand that there are smart Americans out there…you just have to look for them past sites like myspace or youtube. There ARE Americans out there who understand that it’s important to watch how one behaves while going to other countries (my apologies if anyone has ever had a run in with the obnoxious tourists) and understand that by running amuck screaming, “WOOOOOOOO!!1!111!!! AMURRIKA IZ DA BEST!!!1!!!!1! U R ALL JELUZ BCUZ UR KUNTREE IZNT AS GUD AS ARES!!!!!11!!!! UNITEED STAETS 4EVR!!!!” (online or in real life) makes our country look bad, and makes one look like a complete idiot.

    Now when it comes to the war in Iraq…
    As of 2006, Bush’s approval rating dropped down to 31% when it came to the war. So clearly there are many of us who do not support the president or his war. Why he got elected TWICE is beyond me.
    He’s not my president.
    And the teenage generation are not my comrades.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    The people of Great Britain elected the Labor Party which selected Tony Blair as Prime Minister. So, what do we say about those damn Brits! Now, would you like to get into Putin or Sarkozy or the situation in Germany where politicians make insulting remarks concerning Muslims?