“I” Killed Osama Bin Laden!

The word “I” appears several times in President Obama’s statement concerning the death of Osama bin Laden, and it is not a coincidence for that appearance. There is no mention of the Pakistan government, let alone the Pakistan secret service ISI, which supposedly was our ally in seeking to capture the nortorious leader of al-Qaeda. President Obama kept the entire Pakistan government in the dark since it was clear that the presence of a large compound near a major city was not an accident, but evidence of collusion on the part of high levels of the Pakistan government.

One wonders at the reaction down in Texas of George Bush who boasted continually about getting Osama, “dead or alive.” Of course, Bush could have gotten him “dead or alive” in 2001, but Iraq was on his mind. Naturally, the entire Republican party is experiencing a sad time, given their constant reference to “Muslim Obama” which is simply a code for claiming the president is a secret ally of bin Laden. Yes, there is no joy in mudville, Republican USA, the black dude hit a home run and defeated the birther team.

I await a statement from Donald Duck Trump on how proud he is to have forced President Obama to kill the bad guy. Donald, we love you and owe you so much for being the man who finally got the bad guy.